Saturday, July 20, 2013


This is the first time I've clicked the "new post" button in a long time... my apologies, folks (I've always thought saying "folks" was super cheesy, but sometimes it just kinda fits, ya know?).  

So, I complained for a long time about waiting to wait, and wanting to just be waiting already.  We've officially been waiting since Valentine's Day, when our dossier landed in Ethiopia.  We started on the list as #98.  On the first of each month we receive an e-mail with a list of the referrals (in case you've forgotten, a referral is when a child is matched with a family) that were given the previous month, along with our new number.  As of July 1st, we are #79.  There have already been well over a dozen referrals this month, which means we should be somewhere in the 60s when we receive our new number on August 1st.  We're moving down the list way faster than we thought we would, but we still probably have at least a year to go.

Some days, I forget we're even doing this... as awful as that may sound.  Although I keep up with our agency's facebook group daily and make statements like "when the babies come..." it still seems like this abstract, far off thing.  Kind of like dreaming about your wedding when you're 8.